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Q. How can I help with the remodeling process so that I am happy with the final outcome?

In assisting the design and remodeling process there are a few key steps that will help you reach a pleasant outcome. First, come up with a budget. Take note of changes along the way that may affect your budget. Secondly, keep the channel for communication open between you and Kitchen & Bath Galleria. We welcome your input so we can share and collaborate ideas to accomplish the kitchen/bath of your dreams!

Q. What makes a kitchen more or less expensive? Bathroom?

About half of the cost of your kitchen is a result of your cabinets. They will have the most impact on your budget. Their pricing is based on their quality, material, and will depend upon the decision to use stock or custom cabinets. Floors, countertops, and backsplashes will also significantly affect your price.

In bathroom design and installation there is not one portion that typically costs more than the other. Again, cabinets do often account for a larger part of the budget and again the type you choose ultimately affects your price. Also, you must account for the pricing of both your fixtures and fittings; looking mostly at their material, brand, number, and variety that you chose.

Q. Can I make too many improvements to my kitchen or bath?

Yes, it is possible to make too many changes to your kitchen or bath. In fact, it can hinder the design process and usefulness of your space. Before you start with the creative design process you should analyze why you want to remodel.

  • Look through the current space think about what you like and dislike about it, what works about it, what could be better, and how you would like it use it.
  • Think about what items you want verses what you need.

Q. My flooring looks okay and I donít want to change it. Can I keep it?

Of course you can keep your existing flooring. You may want to keep it in mind when designing your kitchen or bath and incorporate it into one of the major colors used in the room. Typically your cabinets should be two shades lighter or darker than your floor. The only problem you may run into is changing your floor plan if you do not have extra flooring available but there are still ways to add storage without changing your floor plan.

Q. How long will the remodel of my bath or kitchen take?

The steps of the development of your bath or kitchen can be broken down into planning and designing, ordering materials, and the on-site work.

The actual on-site work will vary depending on the degree of work you wish to be done. We will provide you with an estimated timeline before we begin the project for your convenience.

In short, the timing of your remodel is completely dependant upon the extent of your project.

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We want to answer any questions you have about our products or services.

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